Special Offers T&C

Trident Holiday Homes
Terms & Conditions of Special Offers

  • All special offers run independently of each other and cannot be used in conjunction with another offer for the same booking, with the exception of Trident Customer Loyalty Vouchers.
  • Special offers are applicable to holiday bookings only (terms of less than 5 weeks) and cannot be used on long-term rentals. All enquiries related to long term rentals are dealt with separately by the Trident long term rental team.
  • Special Offers are available on Trident Managed Properties only and some, participating Associate Properties.
  • All special offer bookings are subject to availability and some featured locations may be subject to reduced availability at certain times of year including festivals and race weeks.
  • Special offer discounts are applied to the rates quoted in the Trident Rates and excludes utility charges, booking fees and any other additional charges.
  • Special offers apply to a maximum of 2 houses per booking. Requests for more than 2 houses at a special offer rate will be dealt with on application through our call centre +353 (0)1 201 8440.