Security Breach

Trident Holiday Homes confirmed today (Wednesday 28th March) that there has been a security breach affecting a small part of their customer database, including some client contact details, such as email addresses.    No financial data or customer passwords are involved and the potential damages are minimal.
The breach occurred on March 23rd, 2012 and Trident has been investigating the issue further since then and taking appropriate steps to prevent a re-occurrence of the issue.
As a precaution, Trident Holiday Homes had also temporarily taken down their website from the 23 March to 30 March to review and ensure any additional further measures are in place.   
Trident Holiday Homes immediately informed the Data Protection Commissioner about the breach. Trident Holiday Homes also immediately emailed all customers on its database to inform them of the breach and advise them of the steps taken since then to remedy the situation. If you have any other concerns on this recent event please contact us on
01 201 8400 or