"Lovely weather we are having"!

"Lovely weather we are having"!

Visitors to Ireland remark constantly on the Irish preoccupation with the weather – it comes up in every conversation. In fact unless you are Irish you probably won’t understand the stock phrases - “Lovely weather we are having”, “not a bad day”,” isn’t the weather divine”, “will it last till the weekend”, “there’s great drying out”, “soft day”!  This preoccupation is probably because our weather pattern in Ireland is so unpredictable.  And whilst we might all long for settled seasonal weather especially during summer holiday time we Irish are lucky not to experience tornados, hurricanes or volcanic eruptions, poisonous insects or killer bears!

As a result of our temperate climate Ireland has some of the best scenery in the world, all year round.  In all weathers the special light brings something special to the land, which is why Ireland is often thought of as a magical, spiritual place, a mystical island. When the sun does shine the stock phrase on everyone’s lips is “sure why would you bother going anywhere else for the holidays”!

Our younger generation of travellers has brought back a passion and enthusiasm for the great outdoors. Everywhere now you see walkers, surfers, mountain bikers, cyclists, and runners.  We have marked walks and tracks, cycle ways and mountain biking trails. Families are looking for the best place to go on holidays to introduce their children to activities they might not have closer to home.  Irish people are beginning to discover Ireland, more are falling in love with it all over again despite the weather.  Tourism Ireland and local attractions are really capitalizing on this new love of the outdoors promoting both the natural wonders of Ireland and the more organized activities such as the Wild Altantic Way coastal route; Ballyhoura mountain bike trails and Irish Trails.


Ken Ring, the New Zealand farmer who produces a world weather almanac every year predicts a good summer for 2015.  He says the warmest/sunniest spell is likely to occur the second and last weeks of April which will be mostly dry, with some of the longer dry spells might be most of the first half of June, and the third week in July.

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